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Articles by Errin Haines

Errin Whack is vice president of print for the National Association of Black Journalists.
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“Next year presents a fresh opportunity for journalists to get past the sparkle of the ‘first’ and into the substance of how women and people of color campaign, get elected, and govern.”
“If representation matters, so do narratives. Political journalism can shape those narratives — and, in turn, voters’ imaginations about who is electable and who should govern — by reporting on women as politicians.”
“This reality must also be reflected in our nation’s newsrooms, where two-thirds of political journalists are still white men and women are too often still covered as a special interest group.”
“We are not in the hint business; we are here to report facts, including the difficult facts of racism.”
“Covering politics in the coming year should mean covering black women — the majority of who we mean when we say “black voters.” It will require rethinking who we mean when we say ‘working mothers,’ ‘college-educated women,’ ‘millennials,’ and ‘values voters.'”
“Newsrooms must hire decision-makers, not just reporters, who are reflective of the communities we cover.”
“Data is a dispassionate way to dismiss notions of a post-racial society or ugly stereotypes about poverty and crime.”
“When we begin to think of race as something we should all care about, no longer will the black reporter be the first to raise her hand to go to Ferguson.”