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Freelancers sue over new rules on independent contractors
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Articles by Jonas Kaiser

“The ‘AI’ that dominates our collective imagination differs significantly from the technology at our fingertips. For most of us, this imagined technology is based more on the fiction of the last decades than reality. Journalism’s task, then, should be to bridge that gap.”
“We should press for an honest debate, and journalists in particular shouldn’t fall victim to the right’s often dishonest use of the ‘free speech’ frame.”
“People use fact-checks to dunk on the other side, to cherry-pick information, and to counter-fact-check other fact-checks.”
“I hope that the past five years have taught journalists that their role is to contribute to democracy’s fortification and to defend it when necessary.”
“Scrambling to understand what had happened, we were looking for answers, and misinformation was the prime suspect: as flashy as it was intuitive, as paternalistic as it was elitist, and it absolved us from responsibility, giving us a clear culprit.”
“While a concerted effort from politics, science, and journalism, as well as the civil society, is needed to find solutions to these thorny and contested issues, journalism in particular stands out as being the central chess piece.”