Nieman Foundation at Harvard
The Copa, Euro, and Wimbledon finals collide on July 14. Here’s how The Athletic is preparing for its “biggest day ever.”
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Articles by Kevin D. Grant

Kevin D. Grant is co-founder and chief content officer of The GroundTruth Project and vice president of strategic initiatives at Report for America.
“As word gets out about these successes, dozens more communities across the country have begun to test the model.”
“The reasons are as practical as they are ideological. Travel is dangerous and many places are simply inaccessible to outside journalists. Sources are understandably warier than ever about meeting strangers to talk about a story.”
“Disunity is what authoritarians and wannabe authoritarians depend on to divide and conquer. When the public is busy throwing stones at one another, there’s less time to stop and take a careful look at the powerful men in glass houses.”
“In 2019 we will continue to bring together newsrooms, facilitators, and funders to forge a framework for revitalizing local news with public service at the center.”