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Factchequeado launches to combat misinformation in Spanish-speaking communities in the U.S.
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Articles by Laura Hazard Owen

Laura Hazard Owen is the editor of Nieman Journalism Lab.
“Instead of focusing on one very small geographic area, that same reporter may look for commonalities and trends across multiple areas.”
“We strongly encourage staff to regularly delete historical tweets and other social posts.”
“Selling was not the plan, but it became the very best path for Quartz.”
“Every phone has a weather app on it. So where do you add value, layer in expertise?”
“Impact is often many years or miles away.”
“I want to swing above our weight class. I want us to be able to cover and do more than we should be able to do.”
“We’re going past the idea of thinking ‘How can we get someone to give $5 a month?’ and thinking, ‘How do we inspire people to action?’”
At the time of its shutdown, TV Rain had at least 80,000 paying subscribers.