Nieman Foundation at Harvard
Some midterm polls were on target, but finding which pollsters to believe can be tough
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Articles by Mario García

Mario Garcia is CEO and founder of Garcia Media.
“To do this effectively, journalists must conceptualize stories through an honest discussion that has format at its core.”
“In a mobile-first environment, we go from small to large, not the other way around. Everything is created for mobile consumption, then adapted to other, larger platforms.”
“In today’s mobile-driven environment, we need to concentrate on stories and follow them during the course of a news cycle.”
“The year about to end has only been a springboard to what is to come in the area of what I refer to as linear visual storytelling. In this type of storytelling, the narrative and the visuals flow in a linear way from top to bottom, exactly the way we communicate when we text or use WhatsApp on our phones.”
“Storytelling using VR will be easier to achieve, and more members of the audience will be prepared to welcome it.”
“If the homepage has been the traditional ‘front page,’ ushering audiences into a brand and its offerings, now the article is the point of entry.”