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Is the news industry ready for another pivot to video?
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Articles by Rick Berke

Rick Berke is executive editor of STAT.
“It may not catch on. But it feels good to engage in new ways to cultivate our audience instead of just standing still.”
“Seems like Anthony Fauci was a headline speaker at just about every major (and even) minor event in 2020. That never would have happened if the events were in person.”
“For all Republicans’ ‘fake news’ rants, Democrats are increasingly excoriating reporters for being insufficiently tough on Republicans — or for being too tough on Democrats.”
“Gone are the days of aggregation by small and medium-sized brands. Gone are the days of chasing traffic. Gone are the days of one-size-fits all splashy marketing campaigns.”
“Watch for intensified pitches stressing the value proposition: Exclusive ‘news that you can only get here.’ Trustworthy journalists. Reporters who have deep sourcing and deep knowledge of a crucial beat.”