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What’s in a successful succession? Nonprofit news leaders on handing the reins to the next guard
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Articles by Rachel Glickhouse

Rachel Glickhouse is a journalist and the partner manager for ProPublica’s Documenting Hate project.
“Creating a more supportive, communicative, and organized workplace will help retain and attract talent, which can ultimately save time and money.”
“This is the last chance to take what we’ve learned from the pandemic and implement long-term changes that can help these organizations become more inclusive and better places to work.”
“What we’re experiencing isn’t sustainable, and we have an opportunity to take what we’ve learned and push for permanent, constructive changes.”
“There are lots of efforts to bolster print and local media, but there aren’t many structures in place to support journalists struggling with job insecurity or job loss.”
“Since the project began in 2017, we received more than 6,000 submissions, gathered hundreds of public records on hate crimes, and published more than 230 stories.”
“Shouldn’t sources and communities be able to read stories that are written about them?”
“In short, we came to think that the collaboration itself was something that needed editing.”