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What does OpenAI’s rapid unscheduled disassembly mean for the future of AI?
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Articles by S. Mitra Kalita

S. Mitra Kalita is the executive editor at large for Quartz.
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“It’s no wonder that news consumption is plummeting and users are left feeling confused or overwhelmed.”
“The silver lining of Covid-19: Everyone’s a change agent now, whether they like it or not.”
“As we talk about converting users into subscribers, we need to embrace a similar (and possibly uncomfortable) conversion from news into information of value or need.”
“There’s been a reckoning in digital media, and hopefully, a recognition that the very thing we once decried as commodity journalism is also necessary journalism. Like milk and coffee and electricity, news is needed. Facts, verified, analyzed, contextualized, matter.”
“Shoe-leather reporting is rewarded because it represents the best of the Internet: authenticity, intimacy, access, an emotional connection.”
“I predict we’ll get a lot more comfortable with our passions, obsessions, biases, confusion, hypotheses, addictions, sordid pasts, tense futures.”