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The Washington Post launches a year in news à la Spotify Wrapped
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Articles by Sarah Marshall

Sarah Marshall is social media editor for Europe, the Middle East, and Africa at The Wall Street Journal.
“We’ll mitigate the risks of our often uneasy relationships with Facebook, Google, and Apple by further doubling down on diversifying our audience sources and cultivating direct relationships with readers.”
“Life might start to return to pre-Covid normality, but audience mindsets have changed for good.”
“Late evening is peak time-filler — and therefore an opportunity to engage audiences. When writing or creating products, editors, reporters, and UX designers should therefore consider the reader sitting up in bed looking at her phone.”
“How a reader chooses to spend her time on her phone is our only true competitor.”
“Driving loyalty requires focusing on quality. Readers and reporters will be grateful.”
“We have only a surface-level appreciation of what motivates people and why they behave in a particular way.”
“Name me a paid-for news site with a payment method so easy that a new subscriber could sign up in less than five minutes while in a dark room after having consumed a few glasses of festive punch.”
“News sites will find new ways to use social media to surface stories from the archives and extend the lifecycle of content.”