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After criticism over “viewpoint diversity,” NPR adds new layers of editorial oversight
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Articles by Simon Owens

Simon Owens is a contributor to the Nieman Journalism Lab. He was previously director of PR for JESS3 and is based in Washington, DC, and is a former assistant managing editor at US News & World Report. You can read his blog or email him at
Low financial risk and a desire for word-of-mouth sharing have led news sites to collaborate, sharing audience and infrastructure.
World Politics Review has grown from one man’s side project to a small news operation supported by a niche paywall.
With 6 million downloads a month and a growing set of live events, Slate is showing one potential path for publishers in the post-Serial world: using conversation to build connection.
It’s one of a number of new news apps trying to reinvent mobile news around a card metaphor.
Publishers thought mobile devices might let them retake control of the distribution channel. But they haven’t had as much success as they’d hoped for driving users to their single-source apps.
Footnotes and floating drones: The magazine is working on putting a little more pizzazz into its feature stories’ presentation online.
Once Mignon Fogarty developed a formula for an engaging five-minute podcast, extensions into other formats and other subjects came naturally.
The network is taking the resources of a national news organization and applying them to the local level.
When your customers are your advertisers, a hobby can become a business.
How the “Internet newspaper” is building the future of context, one update at a time.