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“Journalism moves fast…philanthropy moves slow.” Press Forward’s director wants to bring them together
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Articles by Tanya Cordrey

Tanya Cordrey is a non-executive director of Schibsted and the former chief digital officer of Guardian News & Media.
“Just as almost all sizeable publishers today have audience teams, almost all will have trust teams and trust dashboards within five years.”
“I’ve yet to meet a team in a news organization that suffers from a shortage of good ideas. But I have met teams that have clogged up their roadmaps with lots of good ideas that, cumulatively, have little impact.”
“There will be experimentation with a Netflix model, where organizations start with what users want and then understand the economics of each area for journalism. Netflix has demonstrated very clearly that following users’ needs does not need to result in a drop in quality.”
“The mantra of ‘know your users and just concentrate on them’ may leave some news organizations fishing in an ever-shrinking pool of similar users.”
“User-initiated personalization can no longer be seen as a fringe activity. After all, nobody knows their likes and dislikes more than the users themselves.”