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How many bots are on Twitter? The question is tough to answer — and misses the point
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But that could change if people tire of defending against an onslaught of misinformation.
A survey in the U.S. found the public associates “storytellers” with liars and making things up. Probably not what you were going for with your Twitter bio.
The U.S. is “making this information public in a way that is unprecedented.”
“[Labeling] was the major intervention that Facebook said it was going to do, and it hasn’t done it.”
“White parents seem to be able to leverage their informal networks with greater efficiency. These networks work better for white parents than they do for parents of color.”
Rogan’s rise is particularly important because it goes beyond the standard partisan political battling that Americans have grown accustomed to in social and broadcast media.
The study suggests audience diversity results in favorable coverage for non-white political candidates. But newsroom diversity may be a boon for white candidates.
Although children are prime targets, educators cannot figure out how best to teach them to separate fact from fiction.
“I will remember this when it’s time to renew my subscription. Goodbye.”