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Articles tagged fact-checking (101)

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“One of our approaches here is thinking if we manage [to get] platforms and the companies to put attention into Spanish-language misinformation in the U.S., that is going to benefit our regions in the long term.”
“How can you make people discuss [information] instead of polarizing them further?” A new study offers some clues.
“The more that a study looked like the real world, the less fact-checking changed participants’ minds.”
How broadcasters challenge false or misleading information while maintaining high standards of impartiality has become increasingly challenging.
Facebook alone works with 80 different fact-checking organizations worldwide.
Plus: What Africa’s top fact-checkers are doing to combat false beliefs about Covid-19.
“I always say you can be provocative, but you shouldn’t be provocative by accident.”
Projects that demonstrate “clear ways to measure success” and aim to reach groups “disproportionately affected by misinformation” will be prioritized.
“Crowdsourcing is a promising approach for helping to identify misinformation at scale.”