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The Copa, Euro, and Wimbledon finals collide on July 14. Here’s how The Athletic is preparing for its “biggest day ever.”
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Fact-checks struggle to compete with disinformation on major social media networks.
We need new tools to ensure visual media travels in secure ways that keep us safer online. Overlays are among these tools.
How should we label AI media in ways that people understand? And how might the labels backfire?
As the social media platforms become more active in tackling false claims around politics and health, disinformation agents are searching for “new” ways to spread their messages.
As the election recedes, medical and climate misinformation move to the forefront.
“There isn’t a good origin story for the virus, and so this information vacuum is allowing misinformation to circulate.”
“On Google, searching for ‘coronavirus facts’ gives you a full overview of official statistics and visualizations. That’s not the case for ‘coronavirus truth.'”
Plus, a new free course for online fact-checking taught via workspace app Notion.