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“Journalism moves fast…philanthropy moves slow.” Press Forward’s director wants to bring them together
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“If we accept that news is a public good, not something we can treat as a product to be traded like soap, then we have to develop economic models that somehow get the public to pay for it.”
“Bill C-18 is a test case of the power of platforms like Google and Meta to run and control Canada’s communications infrastructures. While the agreement allows all sides to claim victory, it is clear that Google successfully extracted key concessions over how it is regulated in Canada.”
“You need Google to stay in this. Otherwise, it devastates the entire industry.”
The tech giant’s ongoing antitrust trial raises the possibility of the federal government, Apple, or both giving Google its first meaningful search competition in decades.
Dystopian, yes — but tools don’t have to be perfect to be useful to journalists.
A shift to AI-generated search results will decrease the traffic that Google sends to publishers’ sites, as more people get what they need straight from the Google search page instead.
“This explains everything about my failed Google searches this week,” one Globe and Mail journalist tweeted.
The potential here is for democratic governments to evolve their digital policy models based on each other’s experiences.