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Forget the link tax. Focus on one key metric to “save local news”
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“You need Google to stay in this. Otherwise, it devastates the entire industry.”
Independent outlets explain how traffic and engagement have plummeted overnight after Meta blocked news from its platforms.
“It falls to both the tech companies that built these systems and an engaged public to create technologies designed for social cohesion.”
“While we recognize our members need more funding, we’ve decided that’s not our role as a membership association.”
The changes “will be implemented for all people accessing Facebook and Instagram in Canada over the course of the next few weeks,” with news outlets identified “based on legislative definitions and guidance from the Online News Act.”
“This explains everything about my failed Google searches this week,” one Globe and Mail journalist tweeted.
“Meta had the resources at its peak to do incredible things. Not just the dollars, but the encouragement to think of the best outcome possible, to make the biggest impact we could.”