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From shrimp Jesus to fake self-portraits, AI-generated images have become the latest form of social media spam
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“This explains everything about my failed Google searches this week,” one Globe and Mail journalist tweeted.
“Meta had the resources at its peak to do incredible things. Not just the dollars, but the encouragement to think of the best outcome possible, to make the biggest impact we could.”
“One of the recent shifts in podcasting has been the introduction of paywalls and exclusive content. It has since become a standard feature of the medium.”
What could journalists and social scientists shed light on if they had a better view of the digital world?
“It’s not simple media literacy. It’s a tough nut to crack.”
Achieving a more transparent and less manipulative online media may well be the defining political battle of the 21st century.
“People give a pass to their like-minded friends who share misinformation.”
“[Labeling] was the major intervention that Facebook said it was going to do, and it hasn’t done it.”