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How to cover pols who lie, and why facts don’t always change minds: Updates from the fake-news world
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February 21, 2017
“That is a common refrain for innovation groups and labs inside a news organization; even when the budgets are lean for such groups, they can seem among the hardest for companies to justify keeping through a change in leadership or a quarter that doesn’t meet financial expectations.”
Immerse / Sam Ford / Feb 21
“Newsrooms are investing in laboratories to experiment with new storyforms. But many continue to rely on outside partners for their most ambitious immersive projects.”
Immerse / Aleszu Bajak / Feb 21
Winners include the Times, the Post, ProPublica, The Arizona Republic, and East Bay Express. (The awards are named for George Polk, a CBS correspondent who was assassinated on his way to starting a Nieman Fellowship at Harvard.)
Long Island University / Feb 21
“Texting was fun and very effective, but in terms of being able to get a little deeper, there were limitations, so we decided to measure via the newsletter this time.” / Madalina Ciobanu / Feb 21
“Overall, I guess you could say Donald Trump has finally, officially dragged politics down to our bread-and-circuses-and-tweets level, and we’re meeting him there.”
Business Insider / Maxwell Tani / Feb 21
“Here are five lessons gleaned from the approach we took on Hidden Hunger, a multiplatform documentary that tells the stories of people coping with food insecurity and those working to alleviate hunger.”
The Coral Project / Jesikah Maria Ross / Feb 21
“By applying their technology to the publishers’ antiquated subscription systems, the two Internet giants could help create a sustainable news ecosystem.”
Monday Note / Frederic Filloux / Feb 21
“When it comes to matching employers with job seekers, this means Facebook has a much bigger space to play in. Facebook’s users include LinkedIn’s ‘thought leaders’ and white-collar professionals, but they’re also people seeking hourly positions, part-time work, and other opportunities that they’d probably find on sites like Monster, Indeed, or Craigslist long before LinkedIn. Facebook’s job listings for the New York metro area currently include apprentice fitness coach, salon assistant, and professional valet driver.” LO
Quartz / Alison Griswold / Feb 21
“Alissa Neil, a spokeswoman for Slate, denied the layoffs were targeted: ‘The layoffs this week were unrelated to any union activity,’ she wrote in an email to CJR. ‘Workers at Slate are of course free to make whatever decisions they want about organizing, and those decisions have not had and will never have any impact on their employment status here.'”
Columbia Journalism Review / Shelley Hepworth / Feb 21
“It’s another Facebook-owned Snapchat Stories copycat, but the twist is that it’s end-to-end encrypted like WhatsApp messaging.” LO
TechCrunch / Josh Constine / Feb 21