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We keep an eye out for the most interesting stories about Labby subjects: digital media, startups, the web, journalism, strategy, and more. Here’s some of what we’ve seen lately.
July 25, 2017
“The Athletic came out of prestigious tech incubator Y Combinator last year after its founders saw a lack of focused coverage and analysis in local sports markets — eventually expanding to four cities: Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, and Cleveland.”
Axios / Shane Savitsky / Jul 25
“Alphabet, the owner of Google and YouTube, said it made $3.5 billion in net income on sales of $26 billion. The profit would have been much larger but for a record $2.7 billion European Union antitrust fine.”
Reuters / David Ingram and Rishika Sadam / Jul 25
“Three years ago, Twitter acquired SnappyTV, a video technology that allows publishers to quickly clip live and linear broadcasts and share them on social networks and their own websites. After buying SnappyTV, Twitter made the product available for free in a bid to get as many TV networks and video publishers as possible to use the product — with the only requirement being that the SnappyTV clips appear on Twitter before being distributed elsewhere, according to sources.”
Digiday / Sahil Patel / Jul 25
“Paid membership numbers more than quadrupled in the last financial year.”
Guardian Media Group / Mark Sweney / Jul 25
“Splinter offers a sharp point of view, delivering news coverage for a new America: justice-minded, inclusive, and incisive. We believe in telling the truth about outdated institutions and calling out injustices when we see them.”
Splinter / Dodai Stewart / Jul 25
July 24, 2017
“The app also drives more traffic within the mobile/tablet news ecosystem than many of its counterparts, like Google News, according to And Flipboard had its first cash flow positive month in February since he founded the company 7 years ago in 2010, according to its CEO Mike McCue.”
Axios / Sara Fischer / Jul 24
Nextdoor’s vetted block-by-block aspect may insulate it somewhat from the fake news and opinion-brandishing that can clutter news feeds on other social news platforms.
Poynter / Benjamin Mullin / Jul 24
“One day, the news organisation hopes to have an actual dialogue with readers via the lock screen for ultimate engagement, but is currently focusing its efforts on using push alerts not only to notify readers of breaking news, but to help inform audiences as to why the news is important – to give them a reason why they are being alerted.” / Molly Long / Jul 24
“In the app world, what’s most troubling is that many are failing to learn from the mistakes of television. That is, people are mercilessly deleting apps because of intrusive, badly-targeted and poorly-placed ads.”
The Next Web / Evan Waters / Jul 24
“We found that Trump’s dominance is not fully global. While he has captivated North America and Europe to varying degrees, a few places have entirely resisted the narrative: such as Brazil, captivated by its own crisis, and India, focused on its own battles. But in the U.S. — and the many parts of the world whose politics have long existed at least in part in relation to Washington — savvy attention merchants are responding dynamically to a disrupted market.”
BuzzFeed / Ryan Mac, Steven Perlberg, Alberto Nardelli, Jim Waterson, Borzou Daragahi, Tarini Parti, and John Hudson / Jul 24