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Vox’s video about Chechen leader accused of torturing gay people is being spammed with dislikes
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May 26, 2017
“The daily blog remains the centrepiece, but around it we have a seven-day-a-week news site, two podcasts a week, live events, books, videos, social media and lots more. And while a very large proportion of our audience is understandably UK based, 25 per cent of it is now from the USA and we have visitors from almost every country in the world.”
The Irish Times / Andrew Mangan / May 26
“There are a bunch of lessons we’ve learned through our interviews – published today in this working paper – that might help chart the way forward, especially for journalism schools. They boil down to three key areas of emphasis: 1) highly networked, team-based collaboration; 2) an ethos of open-source sharing, both within and between newsrooms; 3) and mobile-driven story presentation.”
Storybench / Jeff Howe, Aleszu Bajak, Dina Kraft, and John Wihbey / May 26
“For years, one of the best/worst kept secrets in media circles was a login that unlocked the Wall Street Journal’s formidable paywall. Username: media. Password: media.” LO
BuzzFeed / Matthew Zeitlin / May 26
“That’s not the metric — that our stories are useless unless they cause the public to turn immediately and unanimously on the people write about. That’s not the point of them.”
Reddit / May 26
“In 2014, Lawfare did about 1.5 million visitors. It almost hit that number in just the first month of 2017. Lawfare has already set a new monthly record in May with 1.7 million visitors.”
Mashable / Jason Abbruzzese / May 26
“Scroll CEO Tony Haile argues that the best way to put together a subscription bundle of news content is to guarantee readers an ad-free ‘experience’ across a range of premium sites without access to all the content. That would eliminate the problem of slow-to-load pages. And it wouldn’t cannibalize single-site subscriptions.”
The Information / Tony Haile / May 26
“In 2014, about 45,000 weekly listeners were African-American and 49,000 Latino. By early this year, those audiences had leapt to about 106,000 apiece, almost a quarter of listeners. That’s far from reflecting the region as a whole, where blacks and Latinos account for about 40 percent of the population, but for a public-radio station it’s unusual.”
Washingtonian / Andrew Beaujon / May 26
“In some ways, Wake Up is the anti-Skimm. It doesn’t dumb-down the daily political news for its audience and it occasionally highlights events that could challenge the interest of even the most-obsessive political fans.” LO
The New York Times / Stuart Emmrich / May 26
“We are used to facing troubles with the regime since we have always chosen to write the stories they don’t like to hear. We are used to being arrested or have cases filed against us, but blocking us is a new thing.”
BuzzFeed / Maged Atef / May 26