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Why are digital newsrooms unionizing now? “This generation is tired of hearing that this industry requires martyrdom”
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March 21, 2019
New editor Dan Peres: “In the later years they probably took things too far. There was a lot of gratuitous meanness and sort of misguided decision-making…There’s an opportunity to draw on the great things that they did and dismiss some of the not-great things that they did.”
The New York Times / Julia Jacobs / Mar 21
It works out to about two bucks per email. “Frommer is launching a new publication, The New Consumer — an umbrella term he’s using to describe the changing landscape in e-commerce, online advertising and direct-to-consumer brands. The goal, he said, is to become the first thing that industry executives read in the morning.”
TechCrunch / Anthony Ha / Mar 21
“‘It’s difficult for channels like mine to compete with them too, because they can do like two three videos a day, or at least a few a week,’ Mike Moore, who runs Brain Candy TV—an animated learning channel with 186,000 subscribers—told Motherboard in a phone call.’ It takes me a month or two to make a video. You don’t get as much watch time from that.'”
Motherboard / Caroline Haskins / Mar 21
“One thing Apple won’t do is unveil a serious competitor to Netflix, Hulu, Disney, or any other entertainment giant trying to sell streaming video subscriptions to consumers. Instead, Apple’s main focus — at least for now — will be helping helping other people sell streaming video subscriptions, and taking a cut of the transaction.”
Recode / Peter Kafka / Mar 21
“On Friday, we paused comments sitewide, both to prevent inappropriate material being published and so that our staff could focus fully on reporting the unfolding story.”
Global Editors Network / Sinead Boucher / Mar 21
“If the premium outcome is like, ‘Oh my gosh, I’m falling off my chair,’ then you start calculating the likelihood you are going to get there, what kind of resources you are going to need and do we have the necessary people?”
The New York Times / Rebecca Corbett and Dean Murphy / Mar 21
“Wrinkle No. 1: though the objective is to create much more high-impact ‘mission-driven’ reporting on state and local governance, the grants will be for ‘revenue raising and tech capacity,’ Thornton said.”
Poynter / Rick Edmonds / Mar 21
“Gannett in a statement called the letter from Oaktree ‘highly conditional’ and said it ‘does not alter the company’s assessment of MNG’s proposal.'”
Wall Street Journal / Cara Lombardo and Lukas I Alpert / Mar 21
“From a gamer’s perspective, YouTube is the lever that Google will lean on to stir interest in its nascent game-streaming platform, but from Google’s point of view, the new game-streaming platform (hugely ambitious as it may be) is a necessary measure to keep YouTube where it is today.”
The Verge / Vlad Savov / Mar 21
“The deal’s terms have caused some publishers to recoil, as a 50 percent cut is higher than the 30 percent that Apple usually takes from apps and subscriptions sold through its App Store.”
The New York Times / Mike Isaac / Mar 21