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Newsonomics: Tribune’s Thursday night surprise rescrambles the consolidation puzzle
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January 18, 2019
“Owners of speakers powered by Google’s Assistant or Amazon Alexa will be able to play along to questions about the news of the week.”
Variety / Janko Roettgers / Jan 18
“It’s divided into categories like ‘For You,’ ‘Animals,’ ‘Fails,’ ‘Pranks,’ and more with content pulled from News Feed posts by top meme Pages on Facebook.” LO
TechCrunch / Josh Constine / Jan 18
“Absent from both the Reuters Institute report’s suggestions and from Facebook’s current journalism funding scheme is the one thing journalism actually needs: a guarantee that the conditions on the platform will benefit those producing high-quality reporting, which would obviate the need for sudden cash infusions. This simple pledge might be implicit in the myriad changes that Facebook is making to its own products and business models but it is not yet explicit.”
Columbia Journalism Review / Emily Bell / Jan 18
“There are many readers who will read Vulture or The Cut, for example, and only those sites, with no interest in sifting through everything else we do and potentially no knowledge that these sites even belong to a larger network. For those people who are vertically minded, we give them sort of self-contained universes.”
Columbia Journalism Review / Andrew McCormick / Jan 18
“The journalist’s departure comes a year after Buzzfeed UK saw an exodus of newsroom talent following 23 editorial redundancies.” JB
Press Gazette / Charlotte Tobitt / Jan 18
“In other words, the most the CEO of Twitter was able to tell me about specific steps being taken to solve the rampant, site-wide harassment problem that’s plagued the platform for years is that they’re looking into maybe making the report button a little bigger, eventually.”
HuffPost / Ashley Feinberg / Jan 18
“Since it’s coming off a 2017 loss of about $120 million, which includes the cost of reinvestments and the ongoing internal restructuring, it’s easy to spin anything that isn’t an increased loss as a win for the company, but it’s thought that the reduction of the loss in 2018 was significant.”
WWD / Kali Hays / Jan 18
“Netflix, which tacks back and forth between telling the TV establishment that they’re coming for it (‘The goal is to become HBO faster than HBO can become us’) and telling the TV guys that there’s room for everyone, seems to think that this is a peace offering.”
Recode / Peter Kafka / Jan 18
January 17, 2019
“Between the bookends of 2008 and 2018 sit a recession, a presidency that questions the legitimacy of journalism and the continuing plunge of the very thing that once maintained the media — ad revenue. While the basics of newsgathering haven’t changed in that time, nearly everything else has.”
Poynter / Kristen Hare / Jan 17
“While Facebook takes the crown for video-based news content, YouTube is the most frequented destination for millennials and Gen Z to watch videos for career development and entertainment purposes.”
The Wrap / Matt Lopez / Jan 17