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From the unbanked to the unnewsed: Just doing good journalism won’t be enough to bring back reader trust
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We keep an eye out for the most interesting stories about Labby subjects: digital media, startups, the web, journalism, strategy, and more. Here’s some of what we’ve seen lately.
March 29, 2017
@TrumpOrNotBot is a Twitter bot that uses machine learning and natural language processing to estimate the likelihood Trump wrote a tweet himself. By comparing new tweets to the president’s Twitter record, the bot concludes with reasonable certainty whether Trump himself is behind a tweet.
The Atlantic / Andrew McGill / Mar 29
“The deal for next year’s Winter Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, expands upon a similar partnership between the two companies for the 2016 Rio Olympics. It will allow Snapchat to share clips of NBC’s Olympics content in a live story that will also feature user content.”
The Wall Street Journal / Shalini Ramachandran and Maureen Farrell / Mar 29
“This report, part of an ongoing study by the Tow Center for Digital Journalism at Columbia Journalism School, charts the convergence between journalism and platform companies. In the span of 20 years, journalism has experienced three significant changes in business and distribution models: the switch from analog to digital, the rise of the social web, and now the dominance of mobile. This last phase has seen large technology companies dominate the markets for attention and advertising and has forced news organizations to rethink their processes and structures.”
Columbia Journalism Review / Emily Bell and Taylor Owen / Mar 29
“A year after acquiring the Commercial Appeal and Knoxville News-Sentinel, Gannett made sizable cuts today in both of those newsrooms, in addition to laying off three reporters locally.” JL
Nashville Scene / Steve Cavendish / Mar 29
“OneUp Chief Executive Daren Trousdell paints a picture of a bootstrapped startup that took on too much and didn’t make the right bets at the right time. ‘This is us biting off more than you can chew,’ he said. ‘I still believe in everything we wanted to do. We could not get the economics to work.’
The Wall Street Journal / Mike Shields / Mar 29
“Every week, The Caucus gets delivered to Gov. Tom Wolf and the 253 members of the State Senate and House of Representatives. On launch day, Jan. 3, lobbyists and staffers got free three-month trials. The ultimate goal is to build The Caucus into a must-read publication for influencers in the state of Pennsylvania, said Tom Murse, LNP’s content editor at The Caucus’ editor.”
Poynter / Kristen Hare / Mar 29
A video had circulated which showed a home cook finding a piece of plastic in Zeng Huaqing’s company’s seaweed. By the next day, the video had morphed into about 20 different versions and racked up more than two million views on on Weibo. Soon enough, Zeng said, the wholesale price of seaweed, dropped by more than 50% in Jinjiang — the southern Chinese coastal city that Zeng’s company is based in, and where 70% of China’s seaweed products come from.
Quartz / Echo Huang / Mar 29
“[Catherine] Leroy was widely considered the most daring photographer in Vietnam. She almost certainly spent the most time in combat — in part because she had no money, having traveled from her native France to Vietnam as a freelancer in 1966 with no contracts and a short list of published work. Living with soldiers meant that she could eat rations and sleep in the countryside.”
The New York Times / Elizabeth Herman / Mar 29
March 28, 2017
“‘Since the election, and since the inauguration, the numbers have gone up significantly,’ said Thomas Feyer, the editor to whom, though unbeknown to most writers, the letters are addressed. (Two additional editors work with Mr. Feyer to curate and edit the submissions, and to design the page for print.)”
The New York Times / Stephen Hiltner / Mar 28
“Diversity in the newsroom is good for business and good for our coverage,” the letter, which was obtained by Business Insider, reads. “We would like to see the Journal undertake a more comprehensive, intentional and transparent approach to improving it.”
Business Insider / Nathan McAlone / Mar 28