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Does your Google News change based on whether you’re conservative or liberal?
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August 17, 2018
“Direct traffic to our platform is up 21 percent year-on-year and we want that to continue growing,” Poole says. Traffic to The Sun’s app, which relaunched in February, is up by 60 percent.
The Drum / Ian Burrell / Aug 17
“Malaysia was the first country in Southeast Asia to introduce a fake news law and rights groups feared it set a worrying precedent for the region, with the Philippines, Singapore and Cambodia all claiming they too were going to table legislation tackling the problem — though none have yet been passed. Baguilat added that the decision to repeal the law ‘sends a signal to the wider region that positive human rights change is within reach.'”
The Guardian / Hannah Ellis-Petersen / Aug 17
“The nation’s hyper-partisan political divide — encouraged by a president who calls the media ‘the enemy of the people’ — is creating tensions that can be as challenging for news startups as they are for more established newsrooms. And for a small publication covering the military, the stresses seem magnified.”
The Atlantic / Scott Nover / Aug 17
“As illustrated in other media bias research, partisans were divided over the accuracy of the headlines by outlet: Democrats were more likely to say articles attached to CNN headlines would be accurate, while Republicans said the same of Fox News.”
Morning Consult / Joanna Piacenza / Aug 17
“Kaczynski’s four-member group — known as KFile after its 28-year-old founder — may be the foremost practitioner of the journalistic equivalent of dumpster diving. Their reportorial MO is simple, if tedious: They dig through social-media posts, old audio and video recordings and forgotten speeches, articles and books to find troubling comments uttered or written by the people they’re investigating.”
The Washington Post / Paul Farhi / Aug 17
“One of the most successful formats has been speaking directly to the camera, as a friend or family member would, making clear eye contact with the audience on Snapchat to add a degree of friendship and personal connection to the story.” / Marcela Kunova / Aug 17
“Last year Bay Area News Group, a Digital First Media company, experimented with the message to visitors it flagged as using an adblocker. While typically they had only asked for the adblocker to be turned off, now they asked to turn it off or support their journalism by subscribing. During the experiment, roughly 9 percent of all new subscribers came from this pop-up.”
Twipe / Mary-Katharine Phillips / Aug 17
“Death is another subject which seems to be preying on our users’ minds. Videos such as ‘Why dying is not as bad as you think’ and ‘the Irish approach to death’ have been really popular on social media, with millions of views and thousands of comments and shares.” LO
About the BBC Blog / Bethan Jinkinson / Aug 17
August 16, 2018
“Given the threat to democracy and the rise of autocracy around the world, now is the time to support, not decry, legitimate journalism and to reaffirm our commitment to free speech and a free press. The Nieman Foundation stands with its fellows and with all journalists who are working hard — under increasing financial pressure, political attack, and physical threat — to discover the facts and report the truth without fear or favor.” JB
Nieman Foundation / Aug 16
“Please fill out this form so I can describe the need for extra resources in local newsrooms. I was able to test the idea in two newsrooms over the past year: The Olean Times Herald in rural New York State and the Beaver County Times in western Pennsylvania with the help of the Jim Bettinger News Innovation Fund of the John S. Knight Journalism Fellowship at Stanford University. The fund was launched with support from the Knight Foundation and Knight fellowship alumni and friends.”
Medium / Rose Ciotta / Aug 16