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Small steps, but: Most big American newspaper newsrooms are now led by someone other than a white man
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July 26, 2021
“Ms. Sonmez said in the lawsuit that after she publicly stated in 2018 that she had been assaulted by a fellow journalist while living in Beijing, The Post had barred her from covering Christine Blasey Ford’s sexual misconduct allegations against the Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. (The accused journalist, who worked for The Los Angeles Times at the time, has denied the allegations.)”
The New York Times / Katie Robertson / Jul 26
“As pointed out by Twitter user @dox_gay, hardcore porn is now embedded on the pages of the Huffington Post, New York magazine, The Washington Post, and a host of other websites. This is because a porn site called 5 Star Porn HD bought the domain for Vidme, a brief YouTube competitor founded in 2014 and shuttered in 2017.”
Vice / Jul 26
“The Guild has been in contract negotiations with Lee executives for the last six months; they’ve stalled out over proposals that include freezing pensions, eliminating job security protections, and sending the paper’s design and copyediting work to Midwestern hubs while outsourcing customer service to call centers in Mexico. In response, the Guild has begun a campaign to rally public support in labor-friendly Buffalo.”
Study Hall / Susan Elizabeth Shepard / Jul 26
“Of the 47 units [examined], 13 were able to get a contract within a year of their unionization date, while 13 had to wait at least two years. Workers at the Billings (Montana) Gazette secured their contract in the shortest amount of time — just four months after unionizing. Meanwhile, workers at The (Springfield, Illinois) State Journal-Register were in negotiations for nearly six years.”
Poynter / Angela Fu / Jul 26
“The feature, called Post+, offers content creators a choice of three monthly prices to charge their followers — $3.99, $5.99 or $9.99 — with Tumblr taking a 5% cut of subscription fees. Users can continue to post free content as well if they want.”
The Wall Street Journal / Katie Deighton / Jul 26
“Of course, the app opening up comes amid increasing competition. As Clubhouse built out its product and acquired a waitlist, other social audio products, like Twitter Spaces, opened to everyone. If Clubhouse wants to compete, and keep acquiring new users, it’ll have to make sure everyone can actually access it.”
The Verge / Ashley Carman / Jul 26
July 22, 2021
“Her focus will be wide-ranging and may include new areas of coverage, music, poetry, comedy, books, documentaries, scripted projects, new ways for journalists to engage with subscribers, pop-up events, debates, community and prison journalism, block parties and much more.”
Los Angeles Times / Jul 22
July 21, 2021
“The three-year grant will be made to the Greater New Orleans Foundation for its Louisiana Investigative Journalism Fund, developed in partnership with the news organization. It is the largest donation made to date toward the effort, unveiled in December 2020.” / Martha Carr / Jul 21
July 17, 2021
“OAN’s foray into Spanish-language broadcasting comes amid a concerted push by right-wing media to appeal to a wider Hispanic and Latino audience after Trump’s electoral gains among such voters in the 2020 election. In South Florida, for instance, Spanish-language radio has taken a hard-right turn recently, and one of the area’s last remaining moderate stations was just sold to a company that is considered ‘firmly conservative.'”
The Daily Beast / Justin Baragona and Asawin Suebsaeng / Jul 17
July 15, 2021
Journalist Adel Al-Hasani told HuffPost how the UAE and its allies in Yemen tried to silence him, and warned of further human rights violations.
HuffPost / Akbar Shahid Ahmed / Jul 15