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Spanish-language misinformation is flourishing — and often hidden. Is help on the way?
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September 17, 2020
“News Corp didn’t release financial details of the move but said there would be job reductions. The Bronx plant employs more than 500 staffers, including truck drivers, pressmen and electricians, as well as management.”
Wall Street Journal / Allison Prang / Sep 17
“People say ‘leaders of the Black community.’ Like, who is that? I don’t even know. I remember a story from an unnamed outlet that was talking about how Klobuchar in her VP push was going to sit with ‘leaders of the Black community.’ Honestly, tell me who that is.”
The Princetonian / Marie-Rose Sheinerman / Sep 17
“Twitter said it will send a push notification to every member of Congress, officials running for office, U.S. governors, secretaries of state and some U.S. news outlets and political journalists. The alert will ask these people to turn on two-factor authentication and review their password.”
Bloomberg / Kurt Wagner / Sep 17
Journalists need to understand how a national vaccination program might unfold. Here are the first details: who gets vaccinated first, where vaccines will be distributed, the critical second dose, and more.
Poynter / Al Tompkins / Sep 17
“Facebook has been embroiled in a huge dispute in the South Asian nation after the Wall Street Journal reported in August that the company failed to remove anti-Muslim comments by a politician from the Hindu nationalist governing party in order to protect its business interests…More than 40 rights groups worldwide have written a letter to Facebook Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg demanding that India public policy head Ankhi Das be sidelined, pending the outcome of a civil rights audit, for allegedly failing to address anti-Muslim hate speech on the platform.”
Al Jazeera / Sep 17
“Inside Business Suite, business owners will be able to see critical alerts, messages, comments and other activity taking place across Facebook and Instagram right in the new app’s homescreen. They can also set up personalized saved replies here, in order to respond to common customer inquiries.”
TechCrunch / Sarah Perez / Sep 17
“Another new feature is centered on the COVID-19 pandemic, and includes an expanded case counter that now breaks them down by county; the latest information on local closings, re-opening and other pandemic-related policies; and a vaccine and drug development tracker with a timeline of news articles from different sources.”
TechCrunch / Catherine Shu / Sep 17
“But YouTube’s emergence as a central political battleground is causing alarm among advocates for voting rights, as well as people who research disinformation online, who fear that the Google-owned service is underprepared for election season. They point to a growing body of research that has identified YouTube as a primary way people learn to believe conspiracy theories or consume extreme commentary, sometimes fueled by YouTube’s recommendation algorithm.”
NBC News / David Ingram / Sep 17
“The post violated Twitter’s private information policy, which carries a first-time penalty of having to remove the tweet and having the user temporarily unable to tweet from their account. Until the tweet is taken down, Twitter is hiding it from public view.”
The Hill / J. Edward Moreno / Sep 17
“The GNI Digital Growth Program will initially focus on five topic areas: Reader Revenue, Audience Development, Advertising Revenue, Data and Product.”
Google News Initiative / Sep 17