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Axios launches a premium subscription product aimed at the “dealmakers” among us
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January 20, 2022
“Western users may be logging off, but across the continent of Africa, the social media company is indispensable for everything from running a business to sourcing vaccines. How has it become so inescapable?”
The Guardian / Nesrine Malik / Jan 20
“The Committee to Protect Journalists cast the situation in Orwellian terms. ‘Assume your hotel room is under surveillance,’ the New York-based advocacy group warned in a ‘safety advisory’ last week. ‘Assume that everything you do online will be monitored. Any call made using a hotel landline or cell phone is not encrypted and can be intercepted. . . . Any conversation you have in your hotel room may be subject to eavesdropping.’”
The Washington Post / Paul Farhi / Jan 20
“‘I know the importance of local journalism,’ [Mohsin Abbas] said. ‘It’s our social responsibility.'”
CBC / Haydn Watters / Jan 20
“The ability to create a shared framework of standards and practices elevates our credibility as a public media organization and as a network working to deliver accurate and fair news and information to our communities.”
NPR / Jan 20
“The tepid agreement settled on in Glasgow last fall underscores the need for local action. States like Massachusetts and cities like Boston must pave a way, even if national and international solutions falter.”
Boston Globe / Steven Wilmsen / Jan 20
January 19, 2022
To be eligible, applicants must be members of the Native American Journalists Associations, New York State residents, and highlight a demonstrated interest in Indigenous storytelling.
Native American Journalists Association / Jan 19
“When you’re a person from a marginalized background though, it’s not always clear when or how to speak up. Your colleagues might not take your concerns seriously, you might get labeled a troublemaker or overly sensitive, or you might face covert or overt retaliation (which, depending on the specifics of the situation, might be illegal). Choosing to speak up could have real consequences on your professional life.”
Poynter / Alex Sujong Laughlin / Jan 19
“The incident is a vivid demonstration of the fragility of modern internet. Although we think of the web as a dense network with numerous redundancies, the truth is that it contains many single points of failure. In the West, this is most obvious when huge web outages are caused by disruptions from centralized services like Amazon Web Services — a subsidiary of Amazon that supplies servers and computing power to the world’s biggest companies. For countries like Tonga, though, undersea cables are a more obvious bottleneck.”
The Verge / James Vincent / Jan 19
“Through the Subscriptions product, creators can choose their own price point for access to their exclusive content. There are eight different price points to choose from, starting at $0.99 per to month to as much as $99.99 per month, depending on how much a creator believes their content is worth.”
TechCrunch / Sarah Perez / Jan 19
“The root of the tension is management setting what unions say are arbitrary dates for when they want employees back at their desks — and resisting coming to the bargaining table to negotiate a return with the union, according to interviews with members of the NewsGuild of New York and the Writers Guild of America, East. “
Digiday / Sara Guaglione / Jan 19