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April 16, 2019
“Since Pacifica, the Supreme Court has refused to extend the indecency bar beyond ‘a situation in which a listener does not want the received message,’ and with a proliferation of options to access media, one might wonder if Pacifica is somewhat outdated.”
The Hollywood Reporter / Eriq Gardner / Apr 16
“Our membership program is not a paywall because we believe our journalism should remain freely available to everyone ― not just those who can afford to pay.” Paid tiers are $5.99/month or $99.99/year (which comes with a t-shirt).
HuffPost / Lydia Polgreen / Apr 16
One third of the population is below age 15, and almost two thirds say they first turn to Facebook and Twitter for news (compared to just a quarter three years ago). And in three years, the number of MENA YouTube channels grew by 160 percent. / Damian Radcliffe and Payton Bruni / Apr 16
“Other data points pulled from the Facebook ad archive show that the President is using most of those ads targeted towards older people to talk about immigration… In total, the Trump campaign is only targeting voters 18-35 with 4.3 percent of his total ad budget.”
Axios / Sara Fischer / Apr 16
“Some in urban centers like New York and Washington, DC, might be able to get by with the money they get from other sources, including corporate underwriters and individual donations. But the threat is a more ‘existential’ threat for stations in rural areas that ‘are not going to make it … unless there is some federal support.'”
Recode / Eric Johnson / Apr 16
“Heated emails flew back and forth between Switzerland and Menlo Park. Solutions were proposed and shot down. It was a classic Facebook dilemma. The company’s algorithms embraid choices so complex and interdependent that it’s hard for any human to get a handle on it all…. It’s ultimately a story about the biggest shifts ever to take place inside the world’s biggest social network. But it’s also about a company trapped by its own pathologies and, perversely, by the inexorable logic of its own recipe for success.”
Wired / Nicholas Thompson and Fred Vogelstein / Apr 16
“Apple is acting today as a whimsical feudal lord who either doesn’t understand — or simply doesn’t care — what its actions are impacting,” Schibsted editors wrote in an open letter decrying the platform’s 15-30 percent cut of in-app subscription revenues.
Digiday / Lucinda Southern / Apr 16
“Founded six years ago by journalists Josh Davis and Joshuah Bearman, Epic was designed to create a pipeline of sorts for magazine articles to become feature films or TV shows…. Bearman’s 2007 Wired story about a CIA scheme to rescue American diplomats from Tehran became the Ben Affleck film Argo, which won the Oscar for best picture in 2012. And Warner Bros. bought the rights to Davis’ Wired investigation on John McAfee.”
The Hollywood Reporter / Natalie Jarvey / Apr 16
“Called Velocidad (‘Velocity’ in English), the accelerator program will provide both funding and expert consulting for news startups operating in Latin America. Velocidad is funded by Luminate and run by the International Center for Journalists (ICFJ) and SembraMedia.”
International Center for Journalists / Apr 16