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Some midterm polls were on target, but finding which pollsters to believe can be tough
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November 22, 2022
“The outlet, which publishes through newsletter platform Substack, now has 27,000 people in Greater Manchester on its email list and 1,600 paying subscribers. Meanwhile, its sister newsletters, the Liverpool Post and Sheffield Tribune, have reached 650 and 900 paying subscribers, respectively.” LO
Press Gazette / Bron Maher / Nov 22
“Please, for the love of everything, do not get me started on Mastodon. This is not going to become a new source of traffic for anyone.”
A Media Operator / Jacob Cohen Donnelly / Nov 22
“Since launching a tiered subscription offering in 2019, the 116-person outlet has accumulated roughly 116,000 digital subscribers, more than one-third of its total subscriber base of 328,000 paying readers.”
Adweek / Mark Stenberg / Nov 22
“…Local media reports pointed out that many users have already created fake profiles impersonating politicians like former president Jair Bolsonaro. The report noted that users have made profiles in the name of right-wing activist Carla Zambelli, who has been banned from all social media platforms. Koo’s own handles on Twitter are not verified, so it is easy to come across an impersonating account with thousands of followers and mistake it for an official account.”
TechCrunch / Ivan Mehta / Nov 22
“The data, sent through widely used code called the Meta Pixel, includes not only information like names and email addresses but often even more detailed information, including data on users’ income, filing status, refund amounts, and dependents’ college scholarship amounts.”
The Verge / Colin Lecher / Nov 22
“A group of senior publishers and journalists at the Apple Daily — a pro-democracy tabloid in Hong Kong — pleaded guilty to foreign collusion in a landmark case where the China-imposed national security law was used against a news organization and its staff.”
Deutsche Welle / AFP / Nov 22
“It feels sort of like a country that’s being unboxed for a World Cup.”
Vanity Fair / Tom Kludt / Nov 22
“Seen through a different lens, Musk is just the latest wannabe media mogul torturing his new plaything. Here in the news business, this is all perfectly normal. A controversial new owner of a once-mighty media empire who imposes draconian cost reductions, staff ultimatums and incessantly shifting priorities? These are the hallmarks of a classic leveraged buyout.”
Bloomberg / Austin Carr / Nov 22
“In addition to written articles, the Google deal will provide support for the expansion of women’s sports-focused podcasts and newsletters.”
Axios / Sara Fischer / Nov 22
“Frequent topics on include the deficiencies of Twitter (hate-filled, attention-addled, ruled by an impulsive billionaire), the deficiencies of Mastodon (hard to use, lacking a quote-retweet function, boring), and journalists’ ambivalence about the transition.”
The New York Times / Joe Bernstein / Nov 22