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West Coast offense: Los Angeles gets a new hub for podcasting to match WNYC Studios out east
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July 15, 2019
“Click 1,000 puts a new and different spin on these ideas. As a factual programme, viewers get to choose what level of explanation they hear, how much detail they want and whether they are more interested in the tech or the people behind the tech.”
BBC News / Stephen Beckett / Jul 15
“Consider the 52 billion minutes Netflix users spent watching The Office in 2018. Over the course of the year, Netflix had roughly 56.6 million subscribers in the US. (that’s the average of the company’s subscriber count for each quarter). That would mean that the average member account watched about 920 minutes (15.3 hours) of the former NBC series — at 22 minutes per episode, that’s almost 42 episodes for every subscriber.”
The Hollywood Reporter / Rick Porter / Jul 15
“According to a new report from StreamElements, Twitch viewers live-streamed a total of 2.72+ billion hours in Q2 — or 72.2% of all live hours watched — compared with 735.54 million hours on YouTube Live (19.5%), 197.76 million on Facebook Gaming (5.3%) and just 112.29 million hours (3%) on Mixer.”
TechCrunch / Sarah Perez / Jul 15
“Vanessa Pappas, the general manager for TikTok, spoke with industry executives at a fireside chat yesterday that was so popular, many people couldn’t get in; later, big TikTok stars held a meet and greet that was packed to capacity. Outside the primary entrance to the convention center, teenagers swarmed TikTok creators, shouting their names as they shot dance videos.”
The Atlantic / Taylor Lorenz / Jul 15
July 12, 2019
Goodloe Sutton has sold The Linden Democrat-Reporter and retired as of July 1. “He doesn’t even have a key anymore,” the new local owner said.
Associated Press / Jay Reeves / Jul 12
“The News Corp. property is launching its first WSJ China issue next month through a five-year licensing deal with Huasheng Media, but unlike the model in the U.S., it will be a stand-alone monthly magazine sold on newsstands and sent to subscribers.”
WWD / Kali Hays / Jul 12
“The ultimate question we’ll be exploring together: can we develop a joint marketing and membership program that engages community and broadens support for newsrooms?”
Colorado Media Project / Nancy Watzman / Jul 12
“During the 2016 election, for a given comment on a candidate’s Facebook page, we were able to collect the comment, the time of the post, the screen name of the poster, and how many times it had been liked and shared. Since Facebook’s API changes, we cannot see who the poster was. Other changes have been larger and more destructive.”
Columbia Journalism Review / Jeff Hemsley / Jul 12
“The main objective is to keep customers from churning in a customer-friendly manner. That is a tricky balance as customer satisfaction and business profitability don’t necessarily correlate.”
Digiday / Lucinda Southern / Jul 12
“With events such as this, Banana is already a prominent voice in New York’s Asian-American community. But it doesn’t claim to represent the voice of Asian America—its focus is narrowly on style and culture, and its print run is 1,500 copies per year. Ho and Tso didn’t create the magazine to follow in footsteps of Hyphen or Giant Robot; instead they looked to Vice, Dazed, and ID as models.”
Columbia Journalism Review / Camille Bromley / Jul 12