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Outgoing New York Times CEO Mark Thompson thinks there won’t be a print edition in 20 years
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April 19, 2011, noon

Time to play Roger Ebert: What were the greatest Flip news videos?

On Friday, Justin wrote a brief appreciation of the Flip cam, the good-enough handheld video device that snuck into lots of reporters’ backpacks before being unceremoniously shut down last week.

In the comments, Ben Welsh of the Los Angeles Times asked a great question:

What was the best news video shot with a Flip cam? What was its Citizen Kane?

A great question — because as iconic as the Flip was in newsrooms on the online-video march, a device should be measured by what’s done with it, no?

So, even though Flips will still be used for years, we’re taking nominees. What were the great news videos shot with a Flip? The fire footage that make you feel the heat; the hallway interview that went gloriously astray; the Malick-style contemplative long takes?

Link to some of your favorites in the comments, and feel free to nominate your own work if you feel it’s been Flip Oscar-worthy. (Floscar-worthy?)

POSTED     April 19, 2011, noon
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Outgoing New York Times CEO Mark Thompson thinks there won’t be a print edition in 20 years
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