Bringing women into tech

“Diversity is a no brainer; a change in this unbalance must happen.”

mariana-santos2016 will be the determinant year to tap into diversity in media, specifically in tech media. Diversity is a no brainer; a change in this unbalance must happen. Media companies will invest in partnerships with tech companies and potentially with groups that are training women journalists with tech skills. In my opinion, Chicas Poderosas will play a big role in 2016 as more and more media organizations are teaming up with this organization to help with training and to give Latin American journalists access to this kind of experiences in multidisciplinary teams across leading newsrooms. News creation will be even more interdisciplinary and stories will take shape in small videos on Facebook, where text over video can tell stories at a glance, as AJ+ is already doing excellently.

Mariana Moura Santos is director of interactive at Fusion.