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Most readers want publishers to label AI-generated articles — but trust outlets less when they do
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Archives: December 13, 2016

“People who normally wouldn’t tell their stories will now have their own audience, who will continue to serve as a ‘newsworthy’ litmus test.” Mandy Velez
“Conservative audiences deserve no less, even if they never read the Times again.” Jonathan Stray
“If media is only becoming more distributed, then it requires an equally distributed solution for measuring its influence.” Jonathan Hunt
“We’re likely to see a return to the studio model, where IP is the most valuable asset a media company or an independent producer can leverage.” Caitlin Thompson
“It’s the safest prediction I could make beyond the sun coming up in the morning: You won’t fix this.” Matt Waite
“When they notice something sloppy, they tell you so, publicly. And when pollsters come around to ask whether mainstream, nonpartisan journalism is trustworthy, they tell them, too.” Elizabeth Jensen
“We can combine machine learning, predictive, and anticipatory analytics to optimize the value exchanged from this reader, on this device, coming from this platform, on this article, at this exact moment in time.” David Skok
“Foundations should provide operating and project support with few or no strings attached.” Molly de Aguiar
“If your production teams haven’t already heard of these terms, get to know them: ambisonics, stereoscopic rendering, and photogrammetry will be standard by the end of the year.” Ray Soto
“Digital-native news organizations have developed their own voice for the web. Now it’s time to bring on mobile-native experiences and content.” Priya Ganapati