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Archives: December 2018

“Representation in photojournalism is critical, because those who control our news imagery control our collective visual narrative.” Kainaz Amaria
“2019 will be academic data journalism’s Walden year. Those of us who care about this stuff are going to go off to a metaphorical cabin in the woods and think about what we’re doing. Deeply.” Matt Waite
“In 2019, we’ll see great improvements in mobile 3D volumetric capture, a technology that enables the digitization of three-dimensional space.” Ståle Grut
“When journalists cover tweets from the president — as they often do — they almost always fact-check the claims Trump makes in his tweets. The same must go for social media posts from the public.” Shannon McGregor
“A great writer’s name carries weight, and their most loyal readers will follow them anywhere. In 2019, publishers will stop chasing virality and instead double down on developing loyalty, using their own talent.” Renan Borelli
“I believe the future will judge ‘post-truth’ phenomena as the logical next step in the technologically fuelled evolution of our collective social consciousness.” Shalabh Upadhyay
“Ocasio-Cortez’s uses of Instagram seem to be less about humanizing an individual politician than about politicizing humans; that is, bringing more humans, particularly young humans, into the fold and representing electoral politics as something they have a genuine stake in.” Annie Rudd
“Podcasting as an industry has to be bigger than New York. And we have to be intentional about making it so.” Juleyka Lantigua
“As the internet becomes more saturated and noisy, consumers are searching for real, authentic human conversation that is more engaging than today’s passive media model.” Callie Schweitzer
“Why have we used all types of Orwellian newspeak to describe what’s happening when a three-letter word defines it best?” Monique Judge