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BREAKING: The ways people hear about big news these days; “into a million pieces,” says source
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Archives: December 10, 2020

The company saw “a projected loss of 900,000 euros in 2021, against only 1 million euros in revenue.”
“Trauma is everywhere, even if the communities we serve don’t always use the t-word to describe their experiences.” Marissa Evans
“Grab a blanket, settle in on the couch, and get ready for a night of binge-watching fantastic journalism.” Mark S. Luckie
“Though we like to consider ourselves distinct by dent of our craft’s supposedly elevated calling, journalists are really just creators by a different name.” Mark Stenberg
“As anyone who has attempted to be a changemaker in a storied workplace knows, it’s easier to build what you want from the ground up than attempt to change the processes, priorities, and personnel in an existing structure.” Rachel Schallom
“In place of the monolithic super-platforms that were the hallmark of using the internet over the last decade, we’ll see smaller, independent publications and websites that address the needs of their communities more closely.” Ben Werdmuller
“Needless deaths of hardware store cashiers and bus drivers were framed in stories as the sacrifice of ‘heroes’ rather than an outrage and injustice. Or workers were written out of news stories entirely.” Joanne McNeil
“Social media companies have never been much help when it comes to helping their users understand how content flows on their platforms. That makes it simultaneously more difficult and more important for journalists to cover it.” Ståle Grut
“Silicon Valley platforms might not like being compared to ships causing oil spills, but it’s time for the digital platforms to likewise be held accountable for the harm they cause through their information pollution.” Gordon Crovitz