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Archives: December 14, 2020

“I left daily newspaper journalism in 2005. But it’s only gotten worse, because now there is the internet to scapegoat for all of the incompetence and thievery.”
“Raise awareness of our shortcomings via data. And shame leadership if they don’t do something about it.” Robert Hernandez
“It’s time to value listening as an act of journalism, above getting the story. Or else you might find that fewer people are willing to listen to you.” Catalina Albeanu
“In 2021, more newsrooms will make privacy promises to their readers in a bid to avoid regulation and engender reader trust.” Nabiha Syed
“There’s no going back to a model of journalism that leans into bothsidesism to secure loyalties across the partisan spectrum.” Anthony Nadler
“How does your news organization help audiences cut through the noise to get the information they need to civically empower themselves?” Jennifer Choi
“Seems like Anthony Fauci was a headline speaker at just about every major (and even) minor event in 2020. That never would have happened if the events were in person.” Rick Berke
“Just as almost all sizeable publishers today have audience teams, almost all will have trust teams and trust dashboards within five years.” Tanya Cordrey
“As computational techniques become more widespread, and newsrooms use fancier statistics to analyze data, there is a new genre of journalism emerging: the journalistic white paper.” Julia Angwin
jim friedlich
“Weaning our remaining great American newspapers from paper is a multi-year process, part art and part science.” Jim Friedlich