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Is The New York Times’ newsroom just a bunch of Ivy Leaguers? (Kinda, sorta.)
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“There is no future in the programmatic display market for publishers. It’s a path to nowhere.” Thomas Baekdal
“If historical context about racial discrimination is on the checklist for every story journalists pursue, it will change how we write about labor, education, health care, transportation, crime, technology, and the environment.” Matt DeRienzo
“If we can’t give clear, accurate messages about something as transparent as an infectious disease, what hope do we have for the complexity of climate change?” Kendra Pierre-Louis
“Trauma is everywhere, even if the communities we serve don’t always use the t-word to describe their experiences.” Marissa Evans
A bogus headline seems both more true and more familiar to people when it’s accompanied by a photo of any kind.
MediaReview wants to turn the mishmash vocabulary around manipulated photos and video into something structured.
“Media coverage contributes to an ecosystem that harms people and democracies, and we can’t ignore that context any longer.” Laura E. Davis
“Proper context will require that news outlets understand the political, economic, historical, and social environments of the places, people, and events that they report on.” Jasmine McNealy
“We needed a product to push out news faster to a consumer, even if it’s just one to two sentence updates.”
“When we do a story looking at 18 different commuting routes, we’ve created 18 different stories, in a way — we’ve created a story with 18 distinct audiences.”