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The Society of Professional Journalists faces a “dire situation”
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Articles by Anthony Nadler

Anthony Nadler is an associate professor of media and communication studies at Ursinus College and author of Making the News Popular.
“If news organizations want to reach popular and heterogeneous audiences, they have to think in terms of building diverse coalitions, not a mass audience.”
“Our interviewees view mainstream news outlets as part of a group of liberal institutions dedicated to making conservatives into pariahs. The misinformation often at the heart of conservative responses to Covid-19 is a symptom, rather than a cause, of this distrust.”
“As with advertising, the nichification of journalism doesn’t simply cater to existing differences in news consumers’ interests. It reinforces and magnifies such differences.”
“There’s no going back to a model of journalism that leans into bothsidesism to secure loyalties across the partisan spectrum.”
“The overarching stories journalism tells aren’t just descriptive. Like any popular mythology, the reoccurring elements in journalists’ stories help craft the very categories of identity that people use to comprehend themselves and others.”
“These moves may hurt the firms’ finances, but they would also demonstrate serious and lasting commitment to limiting their platforms’ usefulness in political manipulation campaigns.”