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Is the news industry ready for another pivot to video?
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Articles by Robert Hernandez

“When layoffs come, those who sold us the false business ideas of ‘pivot to video’ or ‘get me their emails’ or ‘put on live events’ or ‘we need new podcasts’ or ‘let’s get IP to sell to Netflix’ aren’t the ones paying the layoff price.”
“Old journalism will be swept away and replaced by newer, younger, more diverse journalism that looks like my students.”
“Raise awareness of our shortcomings via data. And shame leadership if they don’t do something about it.”
“Instead of letting you burn us out and following the many that left this industry, this wave has decided to drown you out.”
“Every aspect of technology has been also influenced by women and people of color — but somehow they get left out of the narrative and excluded from leadership roles.”
“Role up your sleeves, journo industry, because you need to start preparing to lead the next disruption. When it actually hits is nearly irrelevant, because there’s no doubt it will hit.”
“Creative content people are frustrated with the industry and creating their content on their own terms. Sound familiar?”
The USC professor says that even if you don’t see a big role for digital skills in your career, training in the technologies of the web is essential for all journalism students.
USC’s Hernandez says students should bypass the normal route and “hijack your school’s assets to selfishly improve your skills.”
If I can trust you to tell me what’s going on, then I don’t care if you work out of a newsroom or out of your garage.