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After criticism over “viewpoint diversity,” NPR adds new layers of editorial oversight
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Articles by Rachel Schallom

Rachel Schallom is the deputy editor for digital at Fortune.
“As anyone who has attempted to be a changemaker in a storied workplace knows, it’s easier to build what you want from the ground up than attempt to change the processes, priorities, and personnel in an existing structure.”
“In a news environment where the day’s fifth-most-important story would have been an all-hands-on-deck affair just a few years ago, news consumers have to choose what they’ll read deeply and what they’ll just be superficially aware of.”
“Readers see articles posted on social media or shared by friends via email or messaging apps. It needs to be immediately obvious to the reader whether that content is news or opinion, and that’s something the industry is sorely failing at. “
“We have to stop thinking of these people as subjects we cover and relate to them as neighbors, friends, and readers we make journalism for.”