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Articles by Ståle Grut

Ståle Grut is the acting editor of the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s R&D-lab, NRKbeta.
“The press has often been light on contextual information and details about the images they use.”
“The pressing need for rules and guidelines for creating or using AI-generated content, should spawn a broader review of how images are treated by the news media.”
“We need to prepare for a new normal, where scrutinizing online images and videos is as natural as being fascinated by them.”
“Social media companies have never been much help when it comes to helping their users understand how content flows on their platforms. That makes it simultaneously more difficult and more important for journalists to cover it.”
“An OSINT investigation is not one single method to get at truth, but rather a combination of creative and critical thinking to navigate digital sources on the web.”
“In 2019, we’ll see great improvements in mobile 3D volumetric capture, a technology that enables the digitization of three-dimensional space.”
“Even if our solutions were very simple, we could not have implemented them on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It asserts an unfakeable truth of civic responsibility: If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.”
“It’s time to acknowledge that your audience does not need to see your every stumble on the way to virtual reality greatness.”