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June 21, 2021
“They are places where in some way you live as sub-citizens. And if there are media, they are very dependent on official guidelines, so there is no journalism or it is very limited. We also know that where there is no journalism, it is also difficult for the rest of society to make its voice heard loudly in the public square.”
LatAm Journalism Review / Júlio Lubianco / Jun 21
“From launch through June 3, more Roku active accounts streamed a Roku Original than the number of Quibi accounts that streamed Quibi shows during the start-up’s entire run. Launched in April 2020 with $1.75 billion in financing, Quibi failed to gain traction with its subscription mobile service, shuttering by the fall.”
Deadline / Dade Hayes / Jun 21
“Two years ago, the Democrat and Chronicle of Rochester, N.Y., completed an audit of its crime coverage and found that it was ‘overweighted’…’Looking just at our most diverse ZIP codes, it was even more skewed,’ [executive editor Michael] Kilian says. ‘Like most local media, we were perpetuating stereotypes because of a singular focus on crime in our most diverse neighborhoods.'”
The Washington Post / Erik Wemple / Jun 21
“Soon after the assault, I was back at the ballpark in Arlington, in the visiting team’s clubhouse. An All-Star player stared at me, saying my name and the name of his teammate, the man who had raped me. Suddenly I realized he must have told people, making himself out to be a stud and me some girl who was there to pick up ball players instead of do my job.”
The New York Times / Kat O'Brien / Jun 21
“Much like Clubhouse or similar audio apps, Facebook’s Live Audio Rooms offer a standard set of features… Facebook is also beginning to roll out its planned podcast support with a few select creators [and] will open up to other podcasters this summer.”
TechCrunch / Sarah Perez / Jun 21
“The closure of Apple Daily would undermine the former British colony’s reputation as an open and free society and send a warning to other companies that could be accused of colluding with a foreign country, media advocacy groups said…Simon told Reuters it had now become impossible to conduct banking operations in the global financial hub as authorities had ‘criminalised’ any activities with the company’s accounts.”
Reuters / Anne Marie Roantree / Jun 21
“We don’t need to publicize the crime blotter simply because it fills airtime or generates clicks. We can decide that if we’re covering an arrest, we will follow the case through to its conclusion. We can evenly apply racial descriptors.”
Poynter / Doris Truong / Jun 21
“Whitehall protesters, a mixture of anti-vaxxers and opponents of lockdown, shouted ‘traitor’ at [Newsnight editor Nicholas] Watt and accused him of “lying” about lockdowns…Since the Whitehall incident, the Observer has seen apparent death threats from members of anti-lockdown groups on the messenger app Telegram, some of whom have swapped details of journalists, including their addresses, and have attempted to organise abuse.”
The Guardian / Mark Townsend / Jun 21
“Efforts to steer the sale of newspaper groups away from hedge funds have come to nothing.”
The Guardian / Edward Helmore / Jun 21
June 17, 2021
“To help us understand how minor differences ultimately can have big impacts, some bias researchers have done the math for us. For example, performance evaluations are fertile ground for implicit bias. Research shows that gender and race bias affects whether we can remember the contributions an employee has made, how much credit we give them for successes, and how much blame we heap on their heads for failures. On average, we simply give more credit to white males, along with the benefit of the doubt when things go wrong.”
Current / Celeste Headlee / Jun 17