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Freelancers sue over new rules on independent contractors
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June 18, 2024
“Team — I know you’ve already heard this from Will, but I wanted to also weigh in directly: the journalistic standards and ethics at The Post will not change…You have my full commitment on maintaining the quality, ethics, and standards we all believe in.”
Twitter / Brian Stelter / Jun 18
“Faced with impending shutdown, Austria’s 320-year-old Wiener Zeitung underwent a radical reinvention — from government gazette, to publicly-funded, digital-only, multichannel media outlet…Wiener Zeitung is now WZ, an about-face from its roots in print and an aging audience.”
WAN-IFRA / Lucinda Jordaan / Jun 18
“The episode left Lewis reviled by Murdoch’s rank-and-file. He had to work off-site, and at one point deployed a bodyguard. ‘The journalists thought he was there to give them up and save management,’ says an informed observer, adding: ‘which he was.'” LO
The Daily Beast / Harry Lambert / Jun 18
“Sebastien Chénu, the party’s vice-president, said in an interview on France 2 that public TV and radio in France needed ‘a bit of liberty, some oxygen.’ He said certain big programs on national radio stations ‘lean to the left or far left’ and there should be ‘no taboos’ about privatization.”
The Guardian / Angelique Chrisafis / Jun 18
“The storied Post newsroom is in an uproar over Lewis’ handling of several internal controversies over the past two weeks. The fracas includes increased scrutiny over Lewis’ role in a phone hacking scandal that rocked Britain’s Fleet Street in the 2000s.”
Axios / Mike Allen / Jun 18
“One video focused on giving ISIS credit for a terror attack that Russian disinformation blamed on Ukraine. ‘It was essentially fake news to debunk fake news,’ says an expert.”
Wired / David Gilbert / Jun 18
“Why is it that we have failed to respond to the harms of social media when they are no less urgent or widespread than those posed by unsafe cars, planes or food? These harms are not a failure of willpower and parenting; they are the consequence of unleashing powerful technology without adequate safety measures, transparency or accountability.”
The New York Times / Vivek H. Murthy / Jun 18
“Downplayed in Murthy’s op-ed, however, is the fact that social media use is not universally harmful to kids and can be beneficial to some, especially children in marginalized groups.”
Ars Technica / Ashley Belanger / Jun 18
“As you can see, it isn’t clear-cut. But one thing’s certain: Googling isn’t what it used to be — for better or worse.” LO
The Wall Street Journal / Ann-Marie Alcántara / Jun 18
“Perhaps surprisingly given its popularity among young people and the push from platforms like Spotify to increase accessibility and discoverability of podcasts, the share of podcast listening for news shows is still roughly the same as it was seven years ago.” (In 2018, 11% of those surveyed said they’d listened to a news podcast in the past month. In 2024, it was 13%.)
Media Voices / Esther Kezia Thorpe / Jun 18