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Now nonprofit, The Salt Lake Tribune has achieved something rare for a local newspaper: financial sustainability
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We keep an eye out for the most interesting stories about Labby subjects: digital media, startups, the web, journalism, strategy, and more. Here’s some of what we’ve seen lately.
November 22, 2021
A window into the impact of Apple’s user tracking restrictions: “the cost of driving [iOS users] to the website shot up to an average of $424 per conversion — more than three times what Musapatike said she would have expected during an off-year election….Before the iOS change, more than 60% of the group’s conversion ads on Facebook were delivered to iOS devices. After the privacy update, that figure was just under 37%.”
Protocol - The people, power and politics of tech / Issie Lapowsky / Nov 22
“The order raised immediate concerns among First Amendment advocates, who called it a violation of basic constitutional protections for journalists, a viewpoint echoed by The Times. Project Veritas issued a statement in support of the order, arguing that it did not amount to a significant imposition on the newspaper’s rights.”
The New York Times / Michael M. Grynbaum / Nov 22
“Often to the bafflement of readers, it saw the Daily Mail and the Mail on Sunday — owned by the same company and with many of the same readers — commit substantial resources to rubbishing the other’s stories…This hotchpotch of conflicting material would then appear on MailOnline, which was busy developing its own global audience driven by celebrity stories on its infamous ‘sidebar of shame.'”
The Guardian / Jim Waterson / Nov 22
“The working group described their proposed Scottish Public Interest Journalism Institute as a high-profile independent body with a remit covering fundraising, research, grant-making, training, diversity and media literacy. Its aim would be to co-ordinate initiatives to develop public interest journalism for Scotland and its grant funding would aim to support a ‘diverse, pluralistic and sustainable’ sector.”
Press Gazette / Charlotte Tobitt / Nov 22
“The discovery that Ms. Holmes, the tech industry’s most celebrated female entrepreneur, was misdirecting the world about her company marked a turning point in the tech press, ending a decade-long run of largely positive coverage. Reporters cringed over glowing articles they had written about tech companies that turned out to have stretched the truth, glossed over the negative consequences of their products or generally abused the trust they had enjoyed with the public.”
The New York Times / Erin Griffith and Erin Woo / Nov 22
The Hartford Courant editor and publisher “has been overseeing the Daily News editorial department on an interim basis since September and will formally take over Monday as executive editor.” JB
Hartford Courant / Stephen Singer / Nov 22
“Mr. Goldberg said that he and Mr. Hayes stayed on at Fox News as long they did because of a sense from conversations at Fox that, after Mr. Trump’s defeat, the network would try to recover some of its independence and, as he put it, ‘right the ship.'” JB
The New York Times / Ben Smith / Nov 22
November 18, 2021
Virginia Public Media announced that it has acquired Style Weekly, known as Richmond’s alternative for news, arts, culture, and opinion. The sale will allow Style Weekly to resume publishing arts and culture feature stories online immediately. (VPM says it’ll take some time to evaluate the future of the print publication.) SS / Danny Nokes / Nov 18
The New York Times has stockpiled 1,850 pre-written obits. The Washington Post has about 900 on hand. SS
Washington Post / Paul Farhi / Nov 18
A followup to our piece about Nieman Lab’s own backyard — Cambridge, MA — losing its last full-time local newspaper reporter. “Saltzman’s successor, Will Dowd, introduced himself this week. But Benton’s larger point still holds. Cambridge, a well-educated, affluent city of about 118,000, is covered by just one full-time paid journalist.”
Media Nation / Dan Kennedy / Nov 18