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We keep an eye out for the most interesting stories about Labby subjects: digital media, startups, the web, journalism, strategy, and more. Here’s some of what we’ve seen lately.
August 10, 2022
“Show me the money.” SS
Wurdworks / Madhusmita Bora / Aug 10
“Instead of just writing another feature we could go a bit deeper and do it ourselves, which helps enrich our storytelling.” SS
Press Gazette / Alexandra Turner / Aug 10
August 9, 2022
“Audiences have loved me for many years. It was disappointing to see an international outlet label me as if all my accomplishments mean nothing. I am healthy and happy with the way I look, and to me that is all that matters,” Taleb told New Lines.
New Lines Magazine / Rasha Al Aqeedi / Aug 9
The Washington Post added a correction: “In fact, an email the county spokeswoman sent was inadvertently missed during the reporting. This piece has been updated with her response that the agency was prohibited from sharing information regarding specific cases.” LO
The Lever / Andrew Perez / Aug 9
“It’s also a reminder that, while the disgraceful manner in which Trump left the White House has (again, understandably) dominated coverage of his post-presidency, the policies he pursued while in office still matter, too.”
Columbia Journalism Review / Jon Allsop / Aug 9
“If made public, these sources said, the text messages would be ‘highly embarrassing’ for Carlson.”
The Daily Beast / Lachlan Cartwright / Aug 9
“Over the past 10 years, the Times has pivoted its strategy to focus on attracting more consumer revenue via subscriptions. Now that it’s reached a critical mass of subscribers outside of news, it sees an opportunity to build more ad products that cater to those users.”
Axios / Sara Fischer / Aug 9
“Conversations shared on various social media accounts ranged from the humorous to the offensive. BlenderBot 3 told one user its favorite musical was Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Cats,” and described Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg as ‘too creepy and manipulative’ to a reporter from Insider. Other conversations showed the chatbot repeating conspiracy theories.”
Bloomberg / Charlie Hancock / Aug 9
“The survey provided the newsletter working group with the answer it was looking for: The topic of gardening landed much higher up on the list than either of the other options previously considered, so that newsletter became prioritised based on the survey responses. Within a month, the Winnipeg Gardener newsletter launched. It now has nearly 4,600 people signed up to receive it.” HT
International News Media Association (INMA) / Erin Lebar / Aug 9
“So far, Russia has stopped short of making internet providers block access to YouTube, as it did with Meta Platforms Inc.’s Facebook and Instagram, Twitter Inc. and even Google’s own Google News service. Among major non-Russian social platforms that offer broad access to independent news, only the chat app Telegram has similarly avoided being shut off. The result is Russians now live behind a digital iron curtain, albeit one with significant gaps.”
Wall Street Journal / Sam Schechner, Miles Kruppa, and Evan Gershkovich / Aug 9