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What’s up with all the news photos that make beaches look like Covid hotspots?
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August 6, 2020
“Next month, when the Dallas Morning News launches a new vertical called the Education Lab, it will be joining at least four other education-focused teams paid for with foundation funding inside commercial/for-profit newsrooms. More could soon be on the way.”
Phi Delta Kappan / Alexander Russo / Aug 6
“Martinez said it was unclear why Condé Nast Entertainment was unable or unwilling to provide a meaningful pay increase for the three cooks of color. ‘With this company, it’s just mind-boggling,’ Martinez said. ‘The only thing I can work out in my head is that the sanctity of the institution is more important than some of the people who work there.'”
Business Insider / Rachel Premack / Aug 6
“The traditionalists and those who embraced the emerging ethos ranked ‘journalism’s first obligation is to the truth’ as the statement they supported the most, and both ranked ‘objective journalism fails to elevate truth over trash’ as the statement they supported least.”
Nieman Reports / Greg Munno and Megan Craig / Aug 6
“In previous years, tickets to the in-person Atlantic Festival have ranged from $50 to $975. However, registration to the virtual Festival in September this year is free. That said, there will be subscriber-only benefits like exclusive sessions and Q&A opportunities to bring value to existing subscribers and entice new joiners.”
Digital Content Next / Esther Kezia Thorpe / Aug 6
“Accurate terms depend on the context or group that is being referred to; these could include communities of color, marginalized, underprivileged, or emerging majority when referencing statistics and data.”
Twitter / NAHJ / Aug 6
“Nederlandse Publieke Omroep—essentially the BBC of the Netherlands—found that ads served to users who opted out of cookies were bringing in as much or more money as ads served to users who opted in. The results were so strong that as of January 2020, NPO simply got rid of advertising cookies altogether.” LO
Wired / Gilad Edelman / Aug 6
August 5, 2020
“The problem of journalism in Turkey is actually larger than President Erdoğan and his administration. If the seeds of quality journalism are not sown today, then these problems are likely to persist in a post-Erdoğan Turkey, too, haunting another generation’s hopes for democracy.”
Nieman Reports / Emre Kizilkaya / Aug 5
“Most of the time, what happens on Twitter does not reflect the real world. But in the case of political journalism and political elites, generally speaking, what happens on Twitter is reality.”
University of Illinois / Craig Chamberlain / Aug 5
“Advance Publications has been quietly touring possible space in more affordable neighborhoods in New York City in recent weeks. For now, as the coronavirus has forced many publications to have their writers and editors file stories from home, Condé’s office sits largely empty.”
Variety / Brent Lang and Ramin Setoodeh / Aug 5
Legendary journalist and writer Pete Hamill worked for three city tabloids, serving as editor for both the New York Daily News and the New York Post during a newspaper career that covered the last 40 years of the 20th century. He died on Wednesday at 85.
New York Daily News / Larry McShane / Aug 5