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“This puts Black @nytimes staff in danger”: New York Times staffers band together to protest Tom Cotton’s anti-protest op-ed
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London Review of Soups / Hussein Kesvani / May 22
“…Just as media outlets had to adapt to mobile technology and Twitter, thwarting off doomsday predictions to build a more digitally orientated news economy, Media outlets will also get out of this slump. That, within the next decade, we might lose digital culture reporter jobs, but we’ll gain investigative journalists who can use TikTok in quirky ways, so it’ll all be okay. More, the prediction that sites like Patreon, and its equivalents, will pave the way for a renaissance in independent journalism, where the fans, the viewers, and the people most invested in the real objective truth, can directly support a creator, rather than an institution with corporate backing, or propped up by offshore trusts filled with Old Money.”
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