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After criticism over “viewpoint diversity,” NPR adds new layers of editorial oversight
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Six months ago

Swinging from an $80 billion valuation to an existential crisis, in less time than it takes to rewatch five seasons of “The Wire”? That’s Tronc-level management.
Joshua Benton
“We’re very conscious of trying to hold this large community of people who are really struggling.”
Hanaa' Tameez

Today in 2021

Plus: “Partisanship turned out to be the strongest predictor of Americans’ knowledge, even surpassing education,” and how local news organizations fought Covid-19 misinformation in their communities.
Laura Hazard Owen
Despite approval from faculty and the tenure committee, the Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist will be the first Knight Chair professor at the university to be denied tenure by the board of trustees.
Mariel Padilla, The 19th

Today in 2020

A new Pew Research Center report found Americans’ views of the media’s coronavirus performance differ substantially depending on which sources they rely on most for news about the pandemic.
Sarah Scire
The terms for the Spotify licensing deal were not disclosed, but I imagine a crap-ton of money was involved in this arrangement.
Nicholas Quah

Today in 2019

On the care and feeding of subscribers — and what happens when the thing they originally signed up for goes away.
Joshua Benton
“You can create the best journalism, but if you can’t get it to an audience, this is a problem.”
Dan Kennedy

Today in 2016

Launched last fall by a team of investors and writers, TipOff has attracted 50,000 subscribers.
Joseph Lichterman
“Say a member is talking about a mining problem in his or her community. We open this up: This mining company is linked to issues in another reporter’s country — why don’t you work together?”
Shan Wang

Today in 2015

Low financial risk and a desire for word-of-mouth sharing have led news sites to collaborate, sharing audience and infrastructure.
Simon Owens

Today in 2014

Today in 2013

BuzzFeed gets free content, users get exposure, we get 11 Engagement Photos That Will Make You Happy You’re Single.
Caroline O'Donovan

Today in 2011

Today in 2010

Today in 2009