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Press Publish 1: Dan Sinker and Erin Kissane of Source on the community of news developers

In the first episode of our new weekly Nieman Lab podcast, we look at how they built a central gathering point for news devs and how they’re trying to pull coders into journalism.

I’m very excited to welcome you to Press Publish, our brand new weekly Nieman Lab podcast.

Here’s the deal: At Nieman Lab, I’m very lucky to be able to talk with a lot of smart people engaged in building the future of news. Journalists, technologists, business-side folks, entrepreneurs, academics: They each have different angles on where we’re headed and how they’re trying to get us there. I’ve always wanted a forum to have longer conversations with these people — to nerd out with them, really — and share them with our audience.

So that’s what Press Publish will be: a weekly conversation with the people making the future of news.

We’ll be putting out a new episode every week, and they’ll usually average 45 minutes to an hour. (Great for commutes!) My hope is that, if you listen regularly, you’ll get a good sweep of the many ways news is changing — and also that you’ll get to hear from a lot of interesting people.

A quick note: Most episodes of Press Publish will be at least a little bit nerdy. This one gets a little nerdy about code; future episodes might be nerdy about advertising formats or workflows or analytics or academia. I’ll do my best to make sure it all remains accessible, but, hey — nerding out is what we aim to do here. I think part of our mission is to be a center point for different kinds of nerds to learn from each other, and I hope Press Publish will be part of that. Also, with each episode I’ll pull out links to all the things we talk about and include them in the Show Notes section below.

Episode 1: Dan Sinker and Erin Kissane

Dan Sinker and Erin Kissane are two of the key people behind Source, the new(ish) site from Knight-Mozilla OpenNews. Here’s how they describe it:

Source is a Knight-Mozilla OpenNews project designed to amplify the impact of journalism code and the community of developers, designers, journalists, and editors who make it.

They do that by assembling a big, living repository of journalistic code, interviewing developers about how they did certain things, highlighting community events, and more. It’s pretty great for those of us are interested in the code side of journalism — and it’s definitely worth watching if you want to keep up with that rapidly developing space.

I talked with Dan and Erin about how Source came to be, how they designed a content strategy for it, how they’ve tried to work with the existing community of news devs, and how the journalism+code equation is evolving.


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Show notes

Dan Sinker
Erin Kissane
Punk Planet
The F***ing Epic Twitter Quest of @MayorEmanuel
Contents Magazine
The Elements of Content Strategy
A List Apart
Knight-Mozilla OpenNews
Jeremy Ashkenas
Agile software development
Krista Stevens
Scott Klein
Brian Boyer
Joe Germuska
Heather Billings
Ryan Pitts
OpenNews Learning
Erika Owens
Responsive IFrames
Simple Tiles
2012 MIT-Knight Civic Media Conference
Tang (which wasn’t invented by or for NASA, actually)
Knight-Mozilla OpenNews’ News Developer Portraits
News Developer Portraits: Jeremy Ashkenas, New York Times
Jacob Harris
Source on The New York Times’ election results loader
Mike Bostock
Source on The New York Times’ 512 Paths to the White House
Source coverage of the 2012 elections
Source coverage of Hurricane Sandy
Source’s “People” content type
Chris Groskopf
Biella Coleman
Coleman, “Three Ethical Moments in Debian”
IETF language tags
Miguel Paz
Versioned writing

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