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Business Insider’s owner signed a huge OpenAI deal. ChatGPT still won’t credit the site’s biggest scoops
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Archives: December 15, 2016

“Some outlets will even choose what stories to cover based on anticipated search demand, walking the increasingly fine line between service journalism and content farming.” Helen Havlak
“Welcome to fear and loathing in Trump’s America. Fear and loathing not only by the American citizenry, but also by the media whose job it is to cover him.” Cory Haik
“Currently, most — if not all — news organizations struggle to figure out who their existing users are, and they aren’t even close to knowing who their potential users are.” Tracie Powell
“It’s not enough for people to read the news. They have to trust it.” Peter Sterne
“The pendulum is swinging back, and at the forefront of that swing will be service journalism and trusted guidance.” Tim Herrera