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Everyone finally realizes the need for diverse voices in tech reporting
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Archives: December 2022

“The lack of diverse insight, analysis, and segregated coverage seems intentional — like a form of editorial redlining.” Dominic-Madori Davis
“Watch for Facebook to reemerge, promoting itself as the sensible, mature alternative to Elon Musk’s Twitter chaos.” Joanne McNeil
“Modern digital design has drained all sentiment and inventiveness from products we use on a daily basis.” Al Lucca
“It shows the power behind diverse teams who bring their shared life experiences to the table. It confirms that this work can’t be locked inside in newsroom silos.” Leezel Tanglao
“Once growth slows and the lowest-hanging fruit — the superfans — have signed up, publishers will have to get smarter about how to make money from the rest.” Esther Kezia Thorpe
“The overarching lesson of digital media’s first generation is that the users have the power.” Brian Moritz
Times journalists join employees at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, many of whom have been on strike since October, and at The Fort Worth Star-Telegram, who have been on strike since November 28.
Black social media has often taken the lead in raising public consciousness when mainstream outlets overlook the death or disappearance of Black women.
Eleven takeaways as Lookout Santa Cruz enters its third year.
Deep fakes have already been used to create nonconsensual pornography, commit small- and large-scale fraud, and fuel disinformation campaigns. These even more powerful image generators could add jet fuel to these misuses.