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After criticism over “viewpoint diversity,” NPR adds new layers of editorial oversight
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Archives: December 2022

“Elon Musk just created a new era of social media: Niche verticals of like-minded people that can charge premium advertising rates and accelerate the interests of their communities.” Eric Holthaus
“Will there be any place at all for human-written SEO-friendly content?” Josh Schwartz
“Predicting the end of social platforms is the ultimate expression of a secret desire to put them back in the attic because we fear we will never quite learn how to use them.” Francesco Zaffarano
“Some (not all) journalists will navigate their careers as those who can leverage this technology to improve the news ecosystem.” David Cohn
“How often do you ask your colleague how they’re feeling, and are you prepared for the answer?” Kathy Lu
“You either adapt or die.” Delano Massey
“Creators have communities. Publishers have audiences — a big problem for the media industry when it comes to earning money.” Mauricio Cabrera
“Community reporting fellowships will become increasingly important in diversifying newsrooms and strengthening local news ecosystems.” Cassandra Etienne
“Contrary to what The New York Times has speculated, we are not at peak newsletter. We are just at peak newsletter via email delivery.” Nikki Usher
“At the early stages of an organization’s growth or transformation, it may not make sense to hire a super senior full-time resource right away.” Anna Nirmala