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Is the news industry ready for another pivot to video?
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Articles by David Skok

David Skok is managing editor and vice president for digital at The Boston Globe.
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“Twitter is less a town square than a gladiator arena, overseen by a private company trying to sell advertisements and $8 checkmarks against a discourse that’s increasingly angry and hateful”
“Populist alt-right and activist left-wing publications will use the tax credit as a cudgel to hammer reporters and editors for being in the pocket of the Biden administration.”
The federal government should follow Australia’s lead in forcing arbitration between platforms and publishers when needed.
“Will the money be invested in growth capital to kickstart a new generation of journalism entrepreneurs? Or will it be used to buy up struggling newsrooms that can be stripped for parts and left to ruin?”
“The program assumes any subject that doesn’t fit its narrow criteria isn’t worthy of support. It speaks to a fundamental misunderstanding of all the important roles that journalism fills in our lives.”
“Necessity breeds innovation, and the government’s intervention removes that necessity for Canadian journalism.”
“I think we need to be way more humble. As I often say, technology has value but it doesn’t have values. It’s what we do with it. There’s a lot of bullshit in the Valley.”
“Twelve months later, how are you feeling? Do you have a sense of dread every time you open your Twitter app? Does your heart sink whenever you get a breaking news alert on your phone?”
“We can combine machine learning, predictive, and anticipatory analytics to optimize the value exchanged from this reader, on this device, coming from this platform, on this article, at this exact moment in time.”
“By choosing to prioritize national outlets over local ones, these platforms are going to accelerate the decline of local journalism. In 2016, we should all be aware of the unintended consequences of that choice.”