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Business Insider’s owner signed a huge OpenAI deal. ChatGPT still won’t credit the site’s biggest scoops
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Articles by Doris Truong

Doris Truong is the weekend homepage editor at The Washington Post.
“Journalists should not only demand the wages we deserve, we should ask for the lifestyle flexibility we need.”
“To grow talent, news organizations need to invest in creating fertile ground for emerging journalists to do their best — and to make occasional mistakes.”
“We must intentionally elevate the voices that have not always been the loudest.”
“Rare is the journalist who will cite money among the reasons for choosing our profession. But we also need to eat. And pay the rent. And have a life outside the job. “
“My own experience with this came in January, when trolls mistakenly decided that a woman attending the confirmation hearing for Rex Tillerson was me (and that the woman in the Senate chambers — who was not me — was doing something nefarious).”
“To ensure that news reports have impact, we’ll need to connect with readers because we reflect the readers.”