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The Society of Professional Journalists faces a “dire situation”
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Articles by Victor Pickard

“It is capitalism that incentivizes the degradation of our news media — disinvesting in local journalism, weaponizing social media to capture our attention and data, and devaluing media workers’ labor conditions.”
“Journalism’s transitional moment could be transformational — but only if we reinvent our news media, not resuscitate failing commercial models.”
Instead of letting public access channels wither due to commercial market fluctuations, we should publicly fund and expand the precious communication infrastructure that access media offers.
“The journalism crisis can’t be solved by individuals alone, whether average subscribers or rich benefactors. We’re facing a collective action problem that demands government intervention.”
“By changing news media’s core structures of ownership and control, we will finally let journalists be journalists.”
“Those unconstrained by market ideology might dare to consider what a new, truly public, digital media system could look like in the United States and beyond.”