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Indian journalists are on the frontline in the fight against election deepfakes
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Archives: December 2019

“Are the things we have always assumed to be true, true? Do the things we have always assumed to work, work? Have they ever, and for whom?” Whitney Phillips
“There are no voiceless people. There are only people whose voices the industry has chosen not to amplify.” Imaeyen Ibanga
“In day-to-day political reporting, the Times is hopelessly stuck in the past. Its proud allegiance to presenting ‘both sides’ in a time of political breakdown renders it a handmaiden to the degradation of truth.” Geneva Overholser
“The facts unearthed by reporters and other watchdogs are a resource for public action, but they tend to make a real difference only when they are mobilized by political campaigns or social movements, or used to trigger institutional responses from regulators or the courts.” Lucas Graves
“Similar to the shift we’ve seen in the farm-to-table movement around food sourcing and production, people want to know what goes into news production.” Kourtney Bitterly
“Compare areas that have a robust local newspaper and a mission-driven online news outlet to areas that have neither, and you’ll find a gulf in coverage quality.” Matthew Pressman
“The question isn’t about social media being friend or foe, but whether we’re watching journalism’s suicide by a thousand tweets.” Logan Molyneux and Shannon McGregor
“Publications whose economic survival depends entirely on giving readers what they want may shy from giving them anything they might not want, or might not like.” Richard Tofel
“In campaigns around the country, there will be fewer exaggerations and falsehoods. Politicians will try to out-do each other by bragging about their good records for Pinocchios and Truth-O-Meter ratings.” Bill Adair
“Forcing editors and publishers to think about how best to find reader support in order to access additional funds is encouraging thinking that should have started 10 years ago. Better late than ever.” Nicholas Jackson